Prosthetic Dentistry

Removable Dentures

Whether partial or full, tooth loss can significantly impact the way a person looks and smiles. Not only does it impact your appearance but it can also increase the likelihood of developing health disorders and nutritional problems. But thanks to removable dentures, tooth loss doesn’t have to be a problem anymore.

Removable dentures, usually made of cast vitallium, are an excellent and affordable option for replacing missing teeth. They function and look like your regular teeth that allow you to chew and speak like normal. They are comfortable and are aesthetically pleasing, too!

Removable Partial Denture with Jacket crown support
Removable Partial Denture Without Clamp
Removable Partial Denture to Replace Missing Premolar Teeth Of 63 Male Patient
Removable Partial Denture for Missing Left Premolar for Female Patient Age 48
Full Denture Replacement of a 52 y.o Female Patient
Full Denture Replacement for Worn Out and Severely Receded Bone for Female Patient 45 y.o
Complete Full Denture for Male Patient 48 y.o
Porcelain Bridge Fused to Metal to Replace Old Denture of 25 y.o Female Patient
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Porcelain Fused

Porcelain fused to metal crowns, also known as full cast crowns are a hybrid between metal and porcelain crowns. It has a metal core that makes it durable and long lasting. These crowns are an excellent choice for back teeth restoration because they mimic the original color of the adjacent teeth. These are best for patients who are after durability and aesthetics.