Orthodontic Braces

Been hiding your smile because of crooked or misaligned teeth? Consider getting orthodontic braces to get your teeth alignment and malocclusion addressed. Not only can misaligned teeth affect the appearance of your smile; they can result in the decay of your teeth, as well. 

Orthodontic braces work by applying continuous pressure on your teeth over a period of time. The procedure usually takes months to years to finish because the braces slowly move teeth to a specific direction until the desired results are achieved. Monthly visits are then required to regularly check progress and ensure the health of teeth and gums.

Retainers & Orthodontic Splints Fabrication and Fitting

While braces play a major role in correcting issues with crooked and misaligned teeth, retainers are the ones that make sure that your teeth would stay straight after braces. Once the braces are removed, teeth may tend to go back to their former position and alignment within your mouth. Retainers are what’s going to help ensure the ultimate success of the entire orthodontic treatment.

Besides retainers, another removable appliance used in orthodontics are the so-called orthodontic splints. Orthodontic splints are an alternative to mouthguards. They are worn over teeth to help prevent damage to the top and bottom set of teeth caused by bruxism, night grinding and TMJ.