Dental Health ConsellingThis is part of treatment protocol  to orient and create awareness among patients regarding health issues relevant to oral health.  Some patients require a sit down counseling regarding their oral condition and help them improve some habits that are lax, thereby contributing to their self-care and wellness.

 Every tooth is own by the patient, The dentist role is to act as health advocate and to help patient maintain his/her teeth  and to deliver dental services at a time needed. There is a need to make every patient  knowledgeable regarding the importance of regular dental visits to the dentist every 6 months for oral check- up and maintenance of teeth and gums. For those patients with dental prosthetic appliances such as crowns and bridges  [either permanent or temporary], removable dentures, orthodontic retainers, orthodontic braces, invisalign  and other oral devices, patients with multiple composite or silver fillings, are to benefit if they know how to care and maintain these devices. Otherwise, gum irritation, swelling and bacterial infection could precipitate gradual to rapid deterioration of oral structures in the mouth.  Tooth caries is the number one disease plaguing humanity today, and yet even if our technology has become advanced as contrast with the times of long ago, still tooth extraction has high clinical incidence among dental clinics.  Simply because patients  knowledge to moderately eat  food high on sugars are less given attention to, and the after eating habits of tooth brushing are not properly observed when it is often advised to brush our teeth at every other meal.  Oftentimes, patients who received treatment for cemented crowns never come back for check- up, when they are supposed to seek maintenance of the said prosthesis for thorough cleaning and let the dentist address whatever minor repairs or reconstruction that needs to be done to maintain longevity of the said prosthesis..

Points to remember:

1. Brush your teeth.

Every other meal because host of bacteria in your mouth never sleep:_ Even if you are already sleep, bacteria in the mouth continue to utilize the plaque for energy to destroy your teeth which forgot to brush.

2. Eat sugary sweets in moderation 

When high starchy foods and sweets are eaten much, the plaque becomes fermented turning saliva into acidic ph. This condition makes the enamel vulnerable to breakdown. It deteriorates faster exposing the inner layer of a tooth until caries starts to form. Caries are tiny holes in the tooth surfaces that catch up microplaques. Overtime without patient’s proper care and dental check-up, the tooth will decay leading to pain or infection until inevitable tooth loss.

3. Use dental floss

Dental floss helps remove micro plaque and food retention hiding inside the gum margins and in between teeth. Use it as often as needed.

4. Gargle with mouth wash

The use of mouthwash after tooth brushing helps kill remaining harmful bacteria in the mouth.

5. Visit your dentist

A regular habit of visiting your dentist every 6 months pays off many dividends. They have special instruments and gadgets to conduct oral examination that patient don’t have. Oral prophylaxis is the first procedure regularly being done to  clean teeth  and to check oral condition of the patient.
Never let PAIN dictates your dental visit. If so, you will find yourself coming out of the clinic with one or two teeth extracted. Please grow old with your teeth!

Know the importance of teeth: Your permanent tooth never healed when it becomes carious. It has no capacity to regenerate unlike skin that heals when it is cut. Once the permanent is pulled out, it is gone FOREVER! Don’t hope to ever see another tooth bud to grow. Our teeth performs many functions. It is helpful primarily for eating and aids in the first stage of digestion, very vital for speaking, for self defence, it supports the height of the face and it enhance your facial esthetic. Preserve it if you must and not be sorry later.
Be careful how you use your teeth:_ Every part of our body has certain indications for use. Our feet for walking, our ears for hearing and eyes for seeing. Our teeth by nature and creation were never intended for opening bottle caps, for holding carpenter’s nails and screws or for latching and pulling off objects. Keep it sanely functional as you can. Use it as indicated and never stress it beyond its function. Hence your teeth, if possible in all its entirety will grow old with you.