This is a type of oral devices are both made of flat surface acrylic resin fabricated either in the laboratory or in the clinic. Both oral removable appliance have full occlusal coverage to wrapped over all teeth from front teeth to back molars. Occlusal mouth guard usually measures .150 thickness [ around 1.5mm] while a gnathological splint measures 2-3.5mm in height from the top of the teeth and for retention purposes covers half of the the facial and back surfaces of the teeth.

In contrat to mouth guard, Gnathological occlusal splint is very different in form, thickness and shape. Mouth guard occlusal table is all flat from front teeth to back molars and is often used to protect teeth from harm and injury during night time grinding or bruxism or during day time clenching. For bruxers, the appliance is worn at night time, while clenchers wear it at day time. it is thinner compared with gnathological occlusal splint. The cost per mouth guard is cheaper compared with a gnathological splint simply because it requires monthly clinical appointments for clinical evaluation and progress of patients from pre-TMD condition.

A disclusion factor [separation of molars during forward and lateral bite] or molar separation component called a “ramp” or elevation on acrylic surface extending from right incisors to canine teeth on both sides of the dental arch. A strategically located and well curved ramp that measures 2mm in height produce clearance in posterior teeth during forward bite [protrusive bite excursion] and during left to right jaw movement [ lateral bite excursions]..It desensitize the teeth from pain and opposing pressure, removes disharmony in opposing teeth contacts at all jaw movements, relaxes the facial muscles by lessening its work load when teeth are in abnormal contacts. [facial masticatory muscles – 4 muscles on both side of the face] and stabilize the Temporomandibular Joints [TMJs] position at the hinge position in the glenoid fossa of the skull bone. This is worn at a prescribed time in a day and to be removed during eating.

If warranted to use for indicated patients, Gnathological Splint has been proven to aide in healing of patients with intermittent swollen gums and tooth mobility and migraine, ringing of the ears, clicking joints, swollen facial muscles, eyeball pain, imbalanced bite, vertigo, temporal pain, numbness of fingers, neck and shoulder pain and other related Temporomandibular TMD symptoms. It acts as a muscle relaxant for hyperactive muscles which became overworked in balancing the bite.